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Skyguard is a full-service roof replacement and repair company that offers every service from simple repairs to complete replacements. We provide high quality workmanship with personalized customer care in both residential and commercial buildings nationwide!

A professional voice should be used when discussing the benefits of hiring SkyGuard for all types of home improvement projects such as roofs, gutters/downspouts etc., These products play an important role in protecting against adverse weather conditions which could lead to large expenses if not properly cared for by professionals like Skyguard.

SkyGuard Windows and Doors is the preferred roof replacement contractor for all your needs in Louisville. We strive to bring high-quality and efficient service with competitive prices that you can count on! Whether it’s a complex repair or roof replacement, Skyguard always gets things done right by professional team members who have experience serving customers just like you. So go ahead, sit back and relax while SkyGuard gets the job done right. We are your single source for all things related to home remodeling and repair, so contact us today and we look forward to serving you!

roof replacement
roof replacement

our roofing services

New Roof Construction

When it comes to new construction and commercial roofing, we have an extensive experience that translates throughout all projects. Our goal is that every customer's project (both residential or commercial ) will be delivered on time with the right materials in order to maximize your satisfaction and peace of mind!

Roof replacement

Do you have a roof that needs replacing? Do the tiles show signs of wear and tear, have leaks, or do frequent repairs become necessary? If so then it's time for a new roof for your home. Contact the best roofing company in Louisville KY, SkyGuard Windows, and Doors!

Roof maintenance

Skyguard is a company that offers commercial roofing services throughout the Kentuckiana region. Early detection and repair of problems can help save you from spending unnecessary money in future repairs.They also participate in regular maintenance programs for their customers!

Types of roofs we offer

We have the best materials in our industry. We offer affordable, easy to maintain and long-lasting products with excellent warranties that are aesthetically appealing for any roof type! Here is what you can expect from us:

asphalt ROOF

Asphalt roofing is the most popular type of roof cover because it’s durable, affordable and gives your home a finished look. SkyGuard Windows and Doors offers three-tab shingle roofs or an architectural style for that perfect finish you’re looking for.

Flat Roof

EPDM roofs are an excellent choice for any building that needs to withstand strong weather. TPO, a single-ply material with the added benefit of being heat welded at seams can take more wear than other types on your home’s exterior and still look good as new!

Metal roof

A metal roof is a great way to make your home look sleek and modern. Skyguard’s team of professionals will install it quickly, with 100% customer satisfaction assured!

Slate and synthetic slate roofs

A slate roof is the perfect choice for those looking to create a classic look. Their natural appearance invokes imagery of English cottages or ancient Roman villas, and they’re completely fireproof! Slate also lasts up to 120 years (3 times longer than metal roofs) so you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon- making this type of covering a great investment as well.

Whatever you choose, we partner only with quality roofing providers that ensure long lasting roofs.

Roof Inspection & AUDIT

It is important to have a professional roofer inspect your home before they take on the job. We do this by completing an inspection for storm damage, assessing the condition of current roofing product(s) and flashingings, in addition to leaks, structural integrity and strength. We know most homeowners aren’t experts when it comes down to how roofs work – That’s why our team will help identify any issues you might have at hand. Then we can determine what course of action should be taken with your project.

A Residential and Commercial Roofing Company

With an extensive list of partnerships, we’re committed to Roof Replacement in Louisville. From Owens Corning and the industry’s top manufacturers such as CertainTeed or Genflex/Firestone; our team is devoted to providing quality residential & commercial roofs that will last you years on end!

Our industrial and commercial roof types include

We have installed roofing in various commercial and residential establishments. We will provide our roofing services for


We handle all your new roof construction needs. With a goal to have the roofs last for 50 years or more, they need to withstand tough weather conditions- from winter storms to the blistering heat in summertime! The most important factor when constructing is ensuring each piece fits snugly with one another before any type of adhesive is applied. This will help protect against leaks forming between different sections that could lead not only to water damage but also create mold problems. So make sure you talk with us about what type of roofing best suits your homes’ needs.

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