Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows are the most desirable type of window because they add value to a home and deliver more functionality.

Bay and Bow Windows

A set of windows that come together to create a center of attraction for any home and the perfect way to create a cozy alcove. A collection of 3-5 windows staggered at 10-45 degree angles from each other with double hung or casement windows utilized as necessary.

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

maximum ventilation


easy to clean

easy to clean

What are Bay and Bow Windows

A bay window most often comprised of a larger central window with two narrow windows on either side. Protruding bay windows offer a bit more floor space by extending into the exterior. The angles at which the narrow windows are installed causes the bay to project out beyond the exterior wall, creating an eye-catching feature that draws attention from passersby and provides opportunity for natural light infiltration in otherwise dark spaces.

Bay and Bow Windows

A bow window is typically composed of four or more similarly sized windows, which creates a curved rather than angular effect. Bow windows require more space than bays and are considered less formal in style. Bow windows allow for more light to enter a room since they have more no.of glass panes compared to bay windows.

Bay and bow windows are an extraordinary focal point for your home. They add depth to areas such as kitchens or family rooms, providing you with the perfect place to display special items and create visual interest in your home.

Bay and bow windows are popular additions to homes because they can add natural light, provide three-dimensional views of the exterior environment or interior space. They also serve as cozy reading nooks with bonus storage built under their seats for convenience.

Highlights of Bay and Bow Windows

SkyGuard’s Bay and bow windows, which are our best selling vinyl window option that can be opened from the top or bottom sash, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home. Tilt-in sashes make cleaning a breeze and save you time & frustration of exterior washing, especially on multi level homes.

The bay and bow windows are great additions to traditional homes, adding flair that matches the architectural style of a home. They also free up floor space since they jut out from walls. Let our team help you decide which window is visually appropriate for your house!

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Configuration Options

SkyGuard’s double-hung vinyl windows are custom made to meet your needs, and include customizable options like size/configuration as well as aesthetics.


The Platinum Series Vinyl Replacement Windows glass is one of the most advanced products on the market. It’s capable of maximizing heating and cooling return while still keeping your room bright, which makes it better than any other product out there right now!




Our double-hung and sliding windows use our double metal cam locks for added security. Our all-in-one thumb operated tilt-in sashes make cleaning easy, plus the outside elements can’t get into your home when they are locked tight! Plus with so many color options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a lock that fits perfectly with your decor.


Looking for the perfect custom exterior color? No problem! At SkyGuard’s, we offer unlimited colors with our state of the art equipment that can match any swatch. All you have to do is send us a sample and let us go from there – your windows will be looking brand new in no time at all!


SkyGuard’s screen mesh allows a maximum amount of fresh air to enter your window opening. It improves slight lines and eliminates the need for color matching to your windows. Screen Mesh is an easy installation because it can be held in hands, bent into shape, then fitted onto its track on any double-hung or sliding window!

patio better vue

Better VUE Screen Mesh Better Insect screen

10% Better Insect Protection
20% Better Airflow
20% Clearer View

patio Standard Screen Mesh

Standard Screen Mesh

Sight more obstructed
Less Airflow than
BetterVue Screens
Proven and Reliable


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We know that needing door or window replacement or repair does not always happen at the most appropriate time for our customers. That is why we are here to support your goals for home improvement by offering NO INTEREST and NO PAYMENTS for up to 12 months for qualified home and business owners. 

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