Energy-efficient windows for every budget and style

At Skyguard Windows our belief is that the windows we install should be energy efficient and long lasting and our products are engineered with durability and energy saving features. With a weather proof barrier, our windows will maintain their pristine appearance over a lifetime and thus lowering the cost of ownership. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our products.

We offer replacement windows for every budget and each location in your home. Whatever color, style or type of window that you need, we have it.

Types of Windows

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Double Hung Windows

A popular window style installed in most homes. The height of these windows are greater than the width. The two sashes can be easily opened and tilted inwards for quick cleaning. Great to install in areas where no obstruction of walkways is required such the front porch areas, backyard or patio areas.

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Bay and Bow Windows

A set of windows that come together to create a center of attraction for any home and the perfect way to create a cozy alcove. A collection of 3-5 windows staggered at 10-45 degree angles from each other with double hung or casement windows utilized as necessary.

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Casement & Awning Windows

If you interested in having good ventilation, these windows are great to have as they let in an abundance of air and light. They can be opened using a cranking mechanism. Commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms but also any areas where unobstructed views are required.

Slider Windows

A great choice for contemporary-style houses - and in rooms that need that extra ventilation. It is used in openings where the width is larger than the height. Both sashes can be operated by sliding from side to side.

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Picture Windows

Do you want a clear view of your surroundings without any obstructions? A picture window is akin to a picture frame that captures the scenery outside your home. It is a large fixed panel window that is a simple square or rectangular shape that typically does not open.

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Special Window Shapes

Looking for curved or angled windows which are designed for your use case? Call us to discuss our custom fit solutions for your home.

The SkyGuard Window Advantage

Premium Vinyl Material

Premium Vinyl Material

The replacement windows we sell are created with tough vinyl extrusions that are fusion welded at corners to create a seamless look and are long-lasting. Since vinyl is not a conductive element, these multi-chambered extrusions provide good insulation. The premium vinyl material does not degrate easily and retains its pristine appearance and is virtually maintenance free. In addition, the windows utilize thermal rigid reinforcement and polyurethane foam filled profiles that provide the best thermal and structural performance in your home and will enhance the energy efficiency of your home for many years to come.

Energy Efficient

Our Replacement Windows come with EnergySMART® glass. These insulated glass (IG) units are two panes of glass sealed onto a specially designed U-shaped steel spacer (Intercept® spacer system). The glass panes, spacer and sealant reduce condensation buildup and block energy transfer keeping the interior of your house warm.

In addition, we also offer Low-E coating that reduces heat gain. The Insulated Glass Units can be fitted with triple panes that offer greater insulation and are more soundproof if you want that extra peace and quiet. The space between the panes can be filled with Argon or Krypton gas that further reduces temperature transfer.

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Crafted to be Longlasting

In addition to the energy efficiency, simple operation and ease of ownership built into every window we install, the windows are tough and durable – and at the end of the day should give you peace of mind that you have spent well. Tough Vinyl extrusions are Ultra-Welded at every frame and sash joint to create seamless and strong windows. And the Vinyl formulation does not degrade over time and maintains its color. To that we offer our guarantee that the new vinyl windows will retain their pristine appearance and weather-proof qualities for a lifetime.

Our Replacement Windows Product Line

To make our replacement windows available to everyone, we have crafted two product lines: Our Premium line which is for those extra energy features and more customizability and an affordable window line for those who would like quality at a great price.

Key Highlights of Our Products