When should you replace windows? Top 10 Signs to Look Out For  

As homeowners, we want our windows and doors to last forever. Sadly, it’s necessary for us to update them in order to protect the structural integrity of our home as well as our investments. The weather. as you might have noticed is always changing. If you live in a place like Louisville, there are periods where it’s raining non-stop,  followed by periods where the sun is shining. And not to mention those frigid snowy periods that make us seek the solace of a warm fire. But no matter what your windows are exposed to, they need to be replaced when you notice issues  – especially if you live in areas that experience all four seasons. 

A good quality replacement window can be one of the best investments you can make for your home. The windows today are constructed to prevent air drafts, water accumulation on sills and come with a variety of safety features. So no more being hot and sweaty in summer or freezing cold during winter months! When it comes down to durability, peace-of-mind security from storms, safety features like locks built into the frame, an impact-resistant surface with shatterproof glass – all these things are just some reasons why investing in this kind of product would pay off over time.

In this article, we outline Ten things to watch out for that can help identify when its time to start considering updating or replacing your old windows.

1. If you see large cracks

Usually, small cracks in windows are repairable with glass adhesives (such as the ones used in car windshields). And the window may even look as good as new. But sometimes, you may see large and long cracks forming due to pressure or stress experienced by your windows.

If your windows have such cracks, they are unrepairable and you must ensure that you replace them as soon as possible. These large cracks can impair structural integrity and may cause window collapse. This may lead to severe accidents at the most inopportune times. So, it’s best to get help from an expert window replacement service contractor to assay your window, and get it replaced.

2. If You See Gaps around Windows

when to replace windows

Are you hearing a hissing sound when the wind passes through and feel that cold air coming in?  Hold a tissue up to the window frame and see if it quivers.  You should not avoid such symptoms of gaps in your window. 

The gaps will be more noticeable during the winter months, with old drafts of chilly air blowing into your home. These gaps may become so large that you can’t repair them. Even newer windows such as double or triple pane windows could fail due to seal failure which no longer makes them energy efficient. These windows will allow the outside air to get inside and affect the temperature of your home. The windows will need to replaced as a unit.

3. If You See Rotting Wood

Wood rot is one of the top reasons homeowners seek to replace their windows. Not only is it aesthetically displeasing, but a common problem that many house owners face with wood-clad exterior windows in homes built before the 1990s.

When homeowners find out about wood rot, they are justified in being concerned. Wood rot besides being unsightly is also dangerous for structural integrity of the frame. Wood rot or on window frames can go much deeper than just an aesthetic issue: it could cause serious damage if not dealt with early on because rotting wooden casings allow water intrusion which will corrode metal parts underneath them over time. Due to water intrusion from the window gaps many of our recent clients have seen Mold around their windows, if the molds are not removed quickly it will spread to the entire home and compromises the air quality.

Often times, it’s better to replace your entire window system. Vinyl windows are low maintenance and are free from problems of wood rot.

4. If You See Foggy or Cloudy Glass

when to replace windows

Whether you have single or double pane windows, your windows are susceptible to condensation that can lead to cloudy glass windows. When warm, moist air from inside your home meets with the cold surface of a window, there is condensation buildup. Condensation can happen for many different reasons but if it’s constant and frost appears then you have bad windows on your hands. Our advice: choose better quality windows with special insulating glass units that are tailored to reduce condensation buildup.

5. Are you renovating a Historic home?

Maybe you moved into a historic home that has vinyl windows that detracts from the home’s original charm. The wrong window can dramatically change the overall look of your new place and if they are not historically accurate it could even interfere with its integrity. The best way to have a custom request fulfilled is by going with the company that specializes in it. A company that specializes in customized or architectural windows can help match one-of-a-kind spaces as well as match replicas of historical designs!

6. If you see a rise in your energy bills

Windows are an important factor in reducing your energy bills !

I’m sure you’re thinking “windows allow sunlight to come into your house. Does that not keep the house warm?” This is true, but it’s not entirely accurate! Windows also let out a lot of heat from inside during the winter months as well. Drafty windows can raise energy costs by 10% – 20%, according to Energy.gov. Energy-efficient new replacement windows may be just what you need for your new home – they’ll make for some great curb appeal with their lower monthly utility bills (and higher home value!). And the government has offered tax credits of up to $500 as part of its residential energy efficiency program(which has been extended retroactively, through December 31st, 2021) for folks who have installed energy efficient qualifying windows in the years 2018-2021.

7. Is your window damage caused by natural elements?

Windows protect us from the outside elements and they also give your interior spaces a sense of privacy, safety & comfort levels – but not everyone knows just how much damage can be done if left as is and not fixed immediately. For example, there are small holes located at the bottom edge of storm window frames known as weep holes. These are drains for your windows and if they become blocked with debris, mortar or caulk, water can seep into the wood sill and cause it to rot. Proper maintenance of windows is key here. But many homeowners let the problem slide until significant damage has been done with hundreds of dollars to be spent on repair costs.

And there are the more obvious ones: If there’s an instance where your window panes have been shattered or broken during a storm then it is imperative these get replaced as soon as possible. Certain window companies offer emergency repair services – Other than the loss of security and increased exposure to harsh weather conditions, other structural problems could arise down the line which may end up costing homeowners exponentially more money. So we recommend identifying and repairing the issues proactively and on time. Most window companies offer financing options that will help the homeowner needing door or window replacement/repair which can occur when its least expected.

8. Are your windows Difficult To Operate?

It’s not uncommon for windows to get stuck after years of use. Perhaps the windows don’t close completely or they are hard to open or close. The buildup of dirt and dust, a tight spring or dysfunctional roller system are all possible contributors to this problem. After checking these things out for yourself you may need professional help so that your home is safe from air leakage as well as potential intruders!

9. If you want to soundproof your home from outside noise

If you are experiencing problems with noise from the outside getting into your home, it’s time to think about replacing those old single-pane windows. Double or triple pane designs will offer much more protection against sound vibrations and newer window models can help absorb and attenuate the sound waves easily.

10. If you want to improve the Aesthetic Appeal of your home

Your windows are one of the most notable features of your home. Perhaps you have renovated your home recently and your old windows just don’t jive with the décor. Are you in pursuit of that “ooh” factor – then you should consider replacing your windows. Consult design blogs or home-style magazines to find your personal look. Here is one we use ourselves.  Pretty soon, you will be on your way to having a home that has an aesthetically pleasing window design. Also, consider replacing your windows with energy-efficient and modern-looking ones that will increase the value of your property.

Some Questions We Usually Get:

Q : How often do windows last (or) What is the life of a window?

Depending on the type of window you’re investing in, there are slightly different life expectancies. Double-paned windows can last up to 20 years, while fiberglass can last up to 40. Aluminum windows fall between these ranges with an average lifespan of about 30 years. Though largely impacted by how well they’re taken care of and cleaned – once a particular style reaches its two decade mark, it may be time for inspection or replacement due to deterioration from weather exposure over time as opposed to direct contact which is more common among other styles like aluminum frames that have only one panes glass layer vs double pane so their inner core’s moisture barrier doesn’t get damaged causing leaks through joints when not properly installed where sealant around sills.

Q : Are New Windows Worth it?

Definitely! New Windows are worth it because they increase the value of your home, you’ll get back about 70-80% of what you paid for them. The most expensive windows can save anywhere from $20-$500 a year on energy costs if certified as Energy Star.

Q : How long does it take to have your windows installed? 

You can usually have the installation done in just a day or two, but you should get accurate measurements of your existing openings so that everything is as close to perfect as possible. A Tip for the wise: Make sure your installers clean after themselves and leave no debris on-site after they’re gone – otherwise you’ll be picking up after them every few hours!


If you want your windows and doors to last for a very long time, then it’s important that they’re maintained on a regular basis. This goes beyond just improving the aesthetics of the home. The structural integrity of your house is also affected if you don’t take care of these items. And if windows are compromised, it’s imperative that you replace them at the earliest.

You can count on our team at SkyGuard Windows And Doors to provide the best door and window installation experience in order to make sure that all of your needs are met! For more information about how we can help with any renovations or replacements, call us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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