The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Replacement Windows

What Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl Replacement windows are arguably the most popular type of window installed worldwide today. This material first became available in 1954, and it grew in popularity due to wood shortages and high aluminum prices following World War II. A new low cost building component was needed after we ran out of lumber during this time period, so vinyl came about as a solution for home owners everywhere!

Vinyl Replacement Windows first came to the United States in the 1960s and have since exploded onto a market that has been void of competition for decades. They are not only energy efficient but also more affordable than their counterparts, which is why they’ve become so popular among new homeowners looking to save money on energy bills each month.

Vinyl Replacement Windows were a problem at first, often with issues related to cracking and discoloration. Early vinyl became brittle after only a few years of exposure to the sun’s UV radiation – needing replacement much more quickly than well-maintained wood windows.

Today’s vinyl windows are incomparable to window products of the past. Vinyl Replacement Windows are known for their low maintenance requirements and extended lifespan.

Vinyl window color is consistent, so it will maintain its color for a longer period of time than painted windows. This makes nicks and scratches less visible on the vinyl window when compared to paint chips that would be noticeable if they were in different colors or textures. Vinyl windows are an excellent long-term investment because you can customize your home’s appearance with them!

Vinyl windows are a great choice for homeowners. They have many benefits over other window options, including insulation and improved energy efficiency levels in your home’s design.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

There are many benefits to replacing the windows in your home with vinyl windows. The infographic below explains them clearly and will be sure to keep you cool during those hot days of summer!

1. Energy-Efficient Savings

Old windows are surprisingly inefficient. Many window materials crack, warp, and start to leak. Wooden windows may look attractive but become inefficient over time as they deteriorate from the weathering process which can happen in less than ten years! 

skyguard windows energy efficiency

Vinyl Replacement Windows are a great way to keep cool, energy-efficient AC   in your home. Quality windows come with low E coatings and Argon filling for energy efficiency. This type of window helps prevent conditioned air from escaping and increasing the temperature inside your home during summer’s scorching hot days in Kentucky. Vinyl replacement windows resist the elements very well and you’ll be able to enjoy an oasis that is always comfortable no matter what time of year it may be! And with reduced monthly bills due to increased efficiency and consistent indoor temperatures all year round – who could say no?  Replacement windows are the only home improvement project that will pay for itself.  

2. Long-Lasting Quality

Windows are an investment. That’s why you should invest in windows that will last for years to come, such as these moisture-resistant alternatives which require less maintenance and offer a longer lifespan than wood or metal windows. Fusion welding on the corners of the frames keeps your new window secure.

Vinyl is waterproof and airtight, so it’s perfect for a house that has hard water or high humidity levels. You’ll also get the added benefit of insulated walls to keep your home warm in winter and cool during summer months!

3. Stylish Designs

In our wide variety of window designs, you’ll find the perfect fit. Whether it’s a picture-perfect home with casement windows and double hungs or your personal taste is more contemporary; we have all sorts of options to suit every style!

With the vast array of style and merging of form and function, quality replacement windows can update your home’s style. You don’t just want to install new, energy-efficient windows in order to increase your home’s efficiency – you also should consider selecting a frame design with an up-to-date look and feel. 

4. Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

Vinyl is a sustainable building material – it’s durable and easy to recycle. That means your window replacement service won’t have an impact on the environment!

Summers in Louisville and Kentucky in general can be  intense.  You may be running your air conditioner more than homes in other regions. These energy-efficient designs reduce the impact of your AC unit which means less CO2 emissions.

5. Affordable Investment

Vinyl Replacement Windows are affordable!  Once installed they will provide your home with energy efficiency and durability that cannot be matched by other materials such as aluminum or wood.

You can save money and get the perfect color for your house without having to purchase expensive paints or stains with our high-quality windows. We make sure all of our services are affordable so you don’t have to spend a fortune on installation.

6. Improved Home Value

Homeowners should invest in window styles and colors that complement their home decor. Beautiful windows can be found to compliment a beautiful house, but some homeowners forget this important detail when they shop for upgrades to make the exterior of their homes more appealing or functional.

For example, it would seem strange if you had an elegant Victorian-style design with luxurious furnishings inside your residence only to have dated aluminum sash-style windows on the outside that clash irregularly against both interior and exterior décor elements within your property line.

7. Increased Security

When you’re upgrading your windows, don’t forget the locks! In about 30 seconds a burglar can break into most homes. Durable frames and hardware will help keep them out while laminated glass makes it tougher for thieves to shatter one of your precious panes.

Old hardware makes it difficult to open and close your window. Whether you shut your old window latch or not, it may be easy for burglars to force entry into your home. Improper installation is another factor in security. If the frame of this type of windows are loose then they can become dislodged if pressed on by an intruder looking for a way inside! Vinyl Replacement Windows comes as a single unit. With customization options for locks and handles, you can secure your home today with ease and peace of mind.

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